Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Opportunity to Create

I am one of those people with big ideas, (big!) and then end up finding myself with a lot of half finished projects laying around the house. Like that kitchen backsplash that has yet to be backsplashed, or that half finished quilt I was inspired to make (my sister seems to crank out one quilt per month), or that headboard I have had an idea for, well, you see how it goes.

My first attempt with blogging was with a cooking blog but I quickly realized I have lots of other interests around the house as well: sculpture, mosaics, gardening, painting, sewing, do-it-yourself projects, drinking copious amounts of wine, well, I'm sure you get the picture now.

So I am expanding my scope. I don't plan on burdening you, the blog-reading public with my rambling thoughts or philosophical ideas so much. Rather, I hope to share the projects I am working on (the good ones and the failures) and share other people's projects or art I find interesting. Hopefully, this platform will be the catalyst for me to start finishing all those projects so that I can share them!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be hearing from you.

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