Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stenciled and Stitched

The new stencil online class I am taking from Dispatch From L.A. is all about experimenting with sewing on stencils and making little books.

I started with painting the backgrounds of the pages with acrylic paints and watercolors. Then I took them outside and spray painted with all of the stencils I have been making. (The background stencil of the four pointed stars is one of my favorites right now.) Then I doodled with thread and added fabric and collage elements.

The sewing machine I am using is new to me, so I have been having fun playing with the different stitches. The next step is to make a cover, sew the signatures together and assemble the whole thing.

Some pages I am not liking at all, but I am forcing myself to just keeping playing with it all and see how it turns out!

Thinking it would be fun to make one about my garden or about Tacoma.

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  1. YAY...fun to see some fellow classmates with a finished book! Nicely done-love your colors.