Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mosaic a Backsplash

We finished our kitchen remodel over 14 months ago and I still haven't tiled a mosaic back splash yet. Trevor likes to remind me of this, so I am making a real effort here to get going on this.

I've done the drawings, made the measurements, bought the glass and am on my way to a unique and special back splash.

I have done so many mosaics that my sketches (unless for public consumption) look like chicken scratch. But I can understand what I mean, so that is all that matters.

For this mosaic, I am using stained glass. I think it is going to compliment our black counter top and the general contemporary feel of the room nicely.

I buy the glass in large sheets at Big M Stained Glass here in Tacoma. I bought an expensive red but, all in all, the materials for the entire thing, including glass, mesh, thinset, and grout, are costing less than $200. It's all about the labor.
I have a glass scorer and snap pliers to cut down the big sheets. That takes as long as laying out the mosaic itself. I am hoping to get this done in time for a party we are having this Saturday, hmm, better go get back to work on it!
More photos and a tutorial coming once the whole thing is completed!


  1. lot of work, but it's gonna look amazing!

  2. WoW! It is going to look great but don't push yourself. You'll have a good party anyway.

    I remember going to the fabric store on the day of my senior prom and spent the day sewing. The dress looked like crap...

  3. I work best when I have deadlines....

  4. fingers hurt. We have done our share of mosaics!

    It'll be beautiful!

    Check out my post...It'll make your backsplash feel like a piece of cake!

  5. Wow, I have never attempted a mosaic and give you a lot of credit for jumping in, can't wait to see the finished product.

  6. How did you attach the glass to the mesh? Then you attached it to the wall just like tile? Thanks.

  7. I have been obsessing over making my own glass backsplash for awhile, though I have never worked with glass. Like you I am a dabbler, and have (almost) no fear! Is your backsplash sharp?? Did you have to sand/grind the edges of the pieces at all? I would love to hear how you attached to the mesh as well :)

    P.S. Love you Blog!

  8. @Natalie: I used elmers glue!

    @Abbie: while the pieces are sharp (if you ran your finger against an edge, you would cut it!) I did not sand or soften the edges in any way. However, once it is grouted on the wall, very little of the edges are exposed and you don't run your hands along your backsplash anyways, so I have no problems!

    Don't forget to look at final results here: