Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oskar's New Favorite Thing

 Oskar says, "I'm from Wales! I am supposed to be where it is cool and overcast, not 91 in the shade!"

I must be getting used to the heat that has been slowly creeping upwards the last 2 weeks.  I feel warm in my office, but not that uncomfortable.  (My office is in the northeast corner of the house, which doesn't hurt one bit.)  Our downstairs is definitely more comfortable.  I foresee some movie watching down there tonight!
If I wasn't going to a wine tasting shortly, I might just change into my bathing suit and jump into the pool with him.  There's always tomorrow which is supposed to get up in the mid 90's and I am volunteering tomorrow at the Grand Theater and there is no A/C in the lobby.  Ouch.  Time to whip out the paper fan to take with me.  Stay cool, people!

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