Sunday, April 28, 2013

40 X 40

For the last few years I have been making a to-do list of things I want to get done before my next birthday.  Since I took a 6 month hiatus on my blog this year, I have less than 6 months to get 40 things done before I turn 40.  Hence the name 40 x 40.  Let me not waste anymore time.  Note: I of course have already been carrying a mental list in my head for a few months and am well on my way to start checking off some items!


1) Re-do front yard.
2) Go to New York and Washington DC.
3) Sew curtains for guest bedroom.
4) Paint living room/kitchen.
5) Write sci-fi/fantasy novel(la).
6) Attend Seattle Opera's Ring Cycle and make a different hat to wear to each of the 4 operas.
7) Buy/make headboard for new bed.
9) Apply to 6 public art mosaic jobs.
10) Attend a 1st Thursday Art Walk in Seattle.
11) Walk 4 loops (10 miles) straight at Point Defiance OR walk half marathon. 
12) Adopt a new pet. (Most likely a kitten)
13) Throw a dinner party for 20.
14) Paint new paintings to display at Carol's wine shop.
15) Have 50 items listed on ETSY shop.
16) Finish re-do of art website.
17) Octopus tattoo.  (Finally)
18) Make bitters.
19) Take glassblowing class.
20) Take dancing lessons.
21) Take distillery class.
22) Re-organize closet-get rid of old clothes!
23) Sew a skirt.
24) Perfect a French macaroon recipe.
25) Attend a performance at the Seattle Symphony or Tacoma Opera.  Or both.
26) Buy a dehydrator--experiment with farmers' market bounty.
27) See a movie in "3D".
28) Make new statement necklace for self.
29) Donate blood.
30) "Plein air" painting at Point Defiance Park.
31) Day hike at state park.  (Use our new Discovery Pass!)
32) Put together some sort of pop-up art show/fundraiser.
33) Host a martini party.
34) Stamp/paint on silk.
36) Create online class.
37) Read Al Gore's new book, The Future.
38) Go through craft and art supplies and donate unused/under used supplies.
39) Host a mini golf party.
40) Finish putting our financial things in order.  (Re-fi, new bank, will, etc)