Monday, December 30, 2013

Craft Project: New Year's Table Setting

This table runner is so simple, but so festive, I may use it year round!

Find yourself some nice heavy cotton zig zag fabric. 
I adore zig zags, chevrons, stripes of all sort, so I was pretty ecstatic this year to realize I was trendy for once.  I originally bought this to make a bag but it was on sale and I couldn't resist buying a little extra and so I decided to use the left over to make a table runner. 

All you need is nice sharp fabric scissors to cut along the zig zag.  The zig zag runs the width of the fabric, not the length so if you want it longer you have to sew several pieces together.  I had people sitting at either end of my table so the width turned out perfect for just the center of the table.

You could easily cut these smaller to make place mats or edge them in stitching, but the fabric is heavy duty and didn't really need it.  

 Don't forget your place settings!  I bought a case of these martini glasses at a restaurant auction and then filled them with licorice and pear jelly beans.  The glasses are the party favor and everyone gets to (has to) take them home.

Finally, don't forget your champagne cocktails for ringing in the new year!  

Happy New Year!  I hope your year is fabulous and crafty!

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