Saturday, January 25, 2014

Felted Cat Afternoon

I've been sick all week.  Nothing flashy like the flu or Norovirus, just an old fashioned, miserable cold.  Which means I have had some time on my hands.  I finally read Gone Girl.  And I decided I need to needle felt some cats. 

I never felted a cat before.  I needle felted bunnies and octopuses and elephants.  But cats remained elusive to me. 

It's a little tricky to get their postures, gestures, disdain for anything that isn't giving them the attention they deserve.  My first attempts (not shown here) were more like bunny or pig faces than cat faces.  I was frustrated.  I am a felt artist!  I should be able to make a cat!  And these latest kitties look a little more cartoon like than not, which I am not entirely unhappy about, but I am working on another cat now as I watch old Star Trek the Next Generation on Netflix. 
We shall see what happens.  I might end up with a cat that looks like a Klingon. 

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