Tuesday, April 15, 2014

52 Weeks of Sewing: Week 1: Zippered Pouch

Welcome to my first project in my bigger quest of 52 weeks of sewing.  I've been thinking about sewing some zippered pouches for some time.  I used to own a great little zippered pouch I kept drawing supplies in but it turned out it was really a microphone case and I had to give it back to my husband.  And I have been missing it ever since. 

I didn't need anything fancy, but I needed sturdy material.  I worked a little on surface design on canvas a couple of months ago and so I dug those pieces out and got to work.

I didn't have any pattern.  Since the fabric was sturdy, I just used a large square to trace the rectangles with a sharpie right onto it.  I started with the red canvas because that was my least favorite of the two and I would rather screw up on that one than the nice green,

I sewed the rectangles to the zipper and added top stitching as well.  

Turns out the canvas is very slippery and while I usually am proud of my edging, this looks a little more like a drunken sailor was weaving across this surface.  

I didn't bother lining them because they are meant to be utility pouches more than anything else.  I added a little zig zag stitching on the blue and green pouch for a little extra strength.  
 What I really need to do is start cleaning and organizing before I sew anymore.  My work space is a complete mess.

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