Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pure Experimentation Stencilry: My first cut outs

Week two of my online stencil class and we are starting out making our first cuts, making "masks" versus stencils. A mask is the positive part of an image and you spray (or paint) around it to get a sort of ghost or outline of the image. It is much simpler cutting than a stencil, so it is a good place to start.

I drew the Tyrannosaurus Skull first and then taped the drawing behind glass so I could see it as I cut through the clear stencil material. I am looking forward to making a stencil out of the T-Rex next so that I can get the positive of the skull.

Below shows my drawing under glass, with the stencil material on top and already cut. This was just before taking it all apart.

Then I cut out a crow and an abstract plant thingy. With both of these I messed around with both the masks and the stencils. I did not use spray paint on any of these masks. I didn't want to change into paint clothes, so I just used acrylic paint. It gives it a little more texture, but I think the spray paint will give cleaner lines.

So many ideas, so little time!

This stage I am excited about because I am far more interested in making my own stencils than buying any pre-made ones.

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