Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Obsession

Uh oh.  I'm at it again.  Like I need one more thing to occupy my time.  But I have discovered the joys of Pinterest.  My sister first invited me to join a while back and I firmly said "thanks, but no thanks" but my will has broken down as I keep seeing it come up on blog after blog and so I asked her to invite me again.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where people can share images, inspirations, links.  It's all connected through themes and images. And, really, it is a perfect visual candyland for someone like me.  I am looking forward to using it to organize design and garden ideas for our new home. 

Yesterday I had a one on one meeting with my new professor at UW and she said I have all the skills and knowledge I need for my art but I need to find a way to connect it all.  Yeah, well, story of my life!  If she can help me figure it out, she should win a Nobel Prize for Art Therapy!


  1. Make sure to add the "Pin Button" so you can pin images from the internet (which includes link).

    Try searching the pinterest site for all your favorite tag words. Even search simple things like "felt" or "button" or "fiber".

    Oh yeah, don't forget to follow me.

  2. I couldn't find you at first, but it's all good now. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I like that you have so much knowledge and skills (and variety!) Does it need to be connected? I wonder if "connecting" would make your art more of a particular type or style? Would that mean losing the variety? I love your blog and and super excited to follow your progress in the course and see what happens. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks for your input! I am not sure if it does need to be visually "connected" and I am hoping this year in school will help me answer that question for once and for all!