Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafty Meetup

I guess it is officially "Make Art From Alternative Materials Week" here at House Inside Out.  I went to a little community arty meet up Saturday morning and along with 6 or 7 other artists, made some cool spoon pendants.  The group was hosted by local artist Michaela Eaves who got the idea from Busily Spinning Momma and it was a great success! (Of course I left my camera at home so all you see is the after photo, but the tutorial is good.)

We all brought a random assortment of spoons.  Turns out these thinner, silver plated ones that I brought worked great for flattening with a hammer.  The we cut off the handles, filed and shaped the bail, glued cut out paper to the spoon and then embellished with paint and shellac.
It was a lot of fun to make something fun with other artists around!  I am looking forward to more of these meet ups!  I am suggesting coffee filter flowers for a project.

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  1. They look great! Sorry I missed it. I want in on the next get together.