Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kitchen Cure: Week One

I can't resist a project, especially a kitchen project. I just signed up to be part of the "Fall Kitchen Cure"--It's being run by The Kitchn which is a part of the Apartment Therapy family of blogs.

Basically it is a 4 week, get-your-kitchen-spic-and-span boot camp to get you ready for the holidays. First assignment, take photos of our kitchen with all the cabinets and fridge open so you can see your messes and share it with the rest of the group. Also in week one, you are to do a basic, go through everything sweep and wipe down all of your cupboards. They say this is just the warm up, but really, how often to I clean all of my cupboards? I would say we are starting with the deep clean.

I am looking forward to seeing other tasks and other member's photos. I especially am interested in whether there will be any interesting ideas for organizing the pantry, my biggest problem.

Also, the blog keeps mentioning that we are going to make our kitchens "healthy" and I don't think of my kitchen as unhealthy at all. (Even with my compost bin overflowing, it's all natural!)

Hmmm, I'm not giving up, though, I will see this through. And there is still time if anybody else wants to join up. Over 2000 people have signed up so far: that's a big group!

Sign up for the Kitchen Cure!


  1. You post inspired me to sign up for the Kitchen Cure, so I filled out all the boxes on their forms, confirmed all their confirmation emails, grabbed my camera and went to the kitchen, got distracted by the cups left on the countertop that weren't rinsed so I put the camera down and stopped to rinse them, wiped down the countertop and noticed that the range was looking a bit yucky so I cleaned that too, and then forgot why I came into the kitchen but was feeling a little hungry so I made myself a snack.