Monday, October 26, 2009

San Francisco Getaway

What do you think of when you think of San Francisco? Chinatown. Fisherman's Wharf. Streets of San Francisco? I personally think of the Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn movie Foul Play, a fun and campy romp up and over and through the city. I also think of big art museums and sports stadiums and prisons. But what else is there to be seen?

I am tagging along on my husband's business trip to San Francisco next month. I will have 3 whole days by myself and need to find things to do. Plus, I need to find a few nice things for us to do in the evenings. I haven't been to San Francisco in years. The last two times I went were just weekend trips, so I didn't get to see so much.

Obviously, I will be heading to the spectacular Academy of Sciences. Also, there is a Maurice Sendak exhibition going on at the Contemporary Jewish Museum and a show about the art of Sleeping Beauty at the Cartoon Art Museum which looks pretty interesting.

Now those all sound nice and artsy and good. But I need ideas for funky shopping and delicious restaurants. I am a little overwhelmed by all of the options! Any suggestions?


  1. If your free time is during the week and you don't mind waking up early...taking the early ferry (7:40am) from the SF Ferry Plaza to Sausalito is glorious! You beat all of the tourists and noise and almost have the ferry to yourself. You might see 5-10 people at most. Sausalito will be quiet too. Have breakfast at Cibo. They make lovely poached eggs and serve Blue Bottle coffee. Enjoy your trip!

  2. That sounds excellent! Although I mentioned to my husband and he wants to do it as well, which means we would have to do it Saturday which wouldn't be the same.....

  3. I'm so jealous!! It's been a few years since we were in SF (went to visit Paul's son). There was a great lounge near Pat's apartment Red Room (827 Sutter Street). Also a cafe up the street we met for breakfast and coffee: Cup of Joe 896 Sutter Street. You might want to check Yelp -- seems like an art school has moved in that neighborhood and Red Room might be closed. For dinner we went to North Beach Pizza 1462 Grant ( and the Stinking Rose at 325 Columbus Avenue. Stinking Rose is kind of a tourist spot but it was fun. If you go be careful of the garlic condiment jar on the table -- I think it was three days before my tongue felt normal again.

  4. could take two ferry rides, one solo and one as a couple.

    another recently opened restaurant i thought of is tony's pizza napoletana in north beach off of union & stockton. casual attire & excellent pizza.