Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art Fest: Showing Off the Work

The last night of Artfest, they have a show off your work session where anybody can put out anything they worked on or made. These are just a few of my favorites.

Besides the classes, this was my favorite of the activities. It was really fun to see what people came up with. That horse sculpture is amazing.

I also liked the range of styles. Steampunk to abstract to realism, it was all here. Hundreds upon hundreds of items, I couldn't get to photograph them all.
That octopus lamp is made out of the same hog gut as my Cyclops bird. (see post below for more on bird) It looks like tissue paper.

This big bird painting/collage was awesome too. I talked to the woman that made it and she said she was about to give up on painting and then she made this and now she's changed her mind. Nice.
Keeping it real. Here is me looking like ass after 4 days of little sleep, poor showers, and no make-up. Yech!


  1. What class did the horse scuplture come from?Steph

  2. All I know was that it was a Stephanie Lee workshop, cannot remember the class name. That class was next door to my metal casting class and I kept popping over to see what they were doing. Everyone's pieces looked amazing. It was plaster gauze over styrofoam for the head part.

  3. Didn't you just love all the stuff that came out of Jesse Reno's class? I hope he's there next year and I get to take his class!!!