Friday, August 6, 2010

Sketchbookapalooza: Drawing 1

I've decided I am going to share my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project with you, one drawing at at time.

I counted all the pages last night in this little book. 40. Back and front equals 80. So I am going to attempt to create a drawing a day for at least 80 days since I may make multiple drawings on some pages or I may do-over some other pages entirely.

After reading the info sent in my sketchbook packet, I realize some people get really creative with this project: they modify pages, make fold outs, even rebind the whole thing with new pages! But instead of trying to focus on flashy sketchbook tricks, I just want to focus on drawing.

I don't draw much anymore. I sketch constantly. I sketch new jewelry designs, I sketch mosaics, I sketch garden planting ideas, but I don't often just sit down and draw for the sake of drawing.

Which is why I signed up for this project. It is forcing me (in a good way) to draw a little bit every day for a few months. Maybe it will get me in the habit of drawing (not sketching) again.

My theme is "In Flight". When I asked some friends what they thought of when hearing the phrase "in flight" all responded with in flight movie or flying in an airplane etc. While I thought of planes, I also thought of animals that fly and spaceships and non-existent mythical beings that fly. So I am going to include a little bit of everything. Maybe it will be a mini encyclopaedia of everything that flies. I will see it when I get there.

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