Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things on My Mind

Whenever I have a lot to think about, I usually ignore those "important" things and start thinking about my garden instead. Like these sunflowers. They are right in front of the window of my studio where I work on cutting and filing my reclaimed tin pieces. I like to sit and gaze out at the sunflowers instead of thinking about my work:
  • I have a mosaic project to work on but I set it aside until I know that my insurance will work out with installing on the park grounds. Which really means I'll get back to work on it probably by Monday, but I don't like to have things hanging.
  • I have an anchor to finish sculpting an octopus upon (photos coming soon).
  • I have my dinner party for 20 next Saturday--8 days away from now!!!
  • I am going to a seminar at the Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs up in Seattle tomorrow and I must, MUST finish a fabulous necklace to wear to it to show off my mad skills.
But instead of doing any of that right now, I am thinking about my tomatoes. Look at these babies; they are so ready to step onto the spotlight of our dining plates.

Oh, yeah, I am also thinking about dessert. I made these flourless chocolate cakes with a hard whisky sauce tonight and they were delicious. I used some organic chile chocolate from Theo's and it added a nice little bite. But I already ate two, so I will try to refrain from eating any more (tonight).

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