Friday, November 5, 2010

Inspiration: Goats!

I have been working on a new, special painting. Its of goats in a tree.

True phenomenon. These goats in Morocco climb the Argan trees to eat the berries.
My painting is deceptive because it looks like a big lush tree; in fact, most of the Argan trees in Morocco are more like the spindly bare branches in the forefront of the painting. The goats have been eating the Argan into extinction. Luckily steps are being taken to try and save this tree. But I just love the imagery of the goats in the trees.

I worked about 7 more hours on the painting after this and so the finished piece looks a bit different. The tree is redder and the goats have detail. I didn't get pictures with good lighting, so I will get pictures tomorrow during my studio tour to show you the finished result. I really like the goats.

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