Sunday, November 7, 2010

Making Something Special

Yesterday was the Tacoma Artist Studio Tours and it was my best year to date! Over 40 visitors and 21 sales! I set up an adult jewelry making activity that was very popular and generated some fantastic pieces.

I sold jewelry and prints and sculpture and felted critters.

But the most important item of the day was my Goats In Trees painting. My friend Patrick (in above photo) commissioned me to paint this piece for our mutual friends Greg and Rosie. It was a deeply held secret, only to be revealed once Rosie saw the painting in the studio.
Funny thing is, when Rosie came in, the studio was crowded with a lot of people, including some people she knew. So she chatted and gabbed about and didn't notice the painting for almost a half hour! Everyone in the room was in on the secret and my friend Danny finally introduced the subject by casually mentioning he "liked the goats."

I was relieved that she and Greg liked the painting. You never know when you are creating a commission exactly how it will be received. Now I am about to go deliver it!


  1. Congratulation on your successful studio tour. I love your purple fawn.

    Your finished goats in trees is great. I am sure there is a funny story that goes along with it :0)

  2. Thank you! The goats in trees came about because Rosie loves goats and I was poking around online for photos of goats and discovered that there are goats in Morocco that actually climb the Argan tree to eat the berries! Unfortunately, these trees are endangered due to over herding.

  3. That looks like fun! Wish I could have been there1

  4. this painting turned out wonderfully!!! love the colors and the goats!