Sunday, April 1, 2012

38 Things: Pay toll for vehicle behind me next time I drive on the Narrows Bridge

What exactly is this post about, you ask?  The Hunger Games or my 38 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 39?  Both, I say.  Both.

To get to the Galaxy VIP, we have to cross the Narrows bridge to get to Gig Harbor.  We ate dinner first at Fondi's Wood Fire Pizza and then we saw Hunger Games in Galaxy's VIP theater (which means 21 and over only and they bring popcorn and wine to your seat which means awesome) and then we drove back over the bridge and we paid the toll for the car behind us. 
I have read the Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins) trilogy more times than I would like to admit.  My husband had not read the series so I thought it would be a good perspective for us both to go and see whether the movie touched on the correct angles of the story.  Would I be satisfied? Would he even get it? The resounding answer is yes.

I loved these books because Suzanne Collins writes about children in the middle of war and she doesn't dumb it down.  She doesn't make it glamorous.  She doesn't make it easy to swallow.  I don't want to write a long winded review here.  All I want to say is that as a fan that loved the stories I felt that the movie worked hard to get in all the exposition along with the emotional points.  And if it leaves a little out, maybe it will make viewers want to read the books to get more background.  My husband is now eyeballing my Kindle and wondering if it is worth it to wait until I am not reading something (not likely) or whether he should just buy his own copies.

Seeing a good movie made it even more satisfying to pay the toll for the car behind us.  After all, they might have been at the Hunger Games as well!  

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