Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring has Sprung

The one decision about our new yard was that I wasn't going to do anything to it this first year.  It has lots of mature plantings and I don't know what a lot of them will look like in bloom nor where any bulbs are planted.  I was sad about leaving my big herb garden at the old house so as a teeny tiny concession, I decided I needed to buy some herbs and start a little herb garden on the upper deck right outside the kitchen.

So far I just planted oregano, rosemary, and mint.  I still need chives, lavender, and thyme.   Grow, grow, grow.

It's fun watching bulbs come up and trees bloom.  These colors are just out of this world.  

We had a twig of a Magnolia at the old house that was only a few year old and would get about 10 blossoms a year if we are lucky.  This Magnolia in the front yard is deliciously full of pink buds.

And is this a Star Magnolia?  Not sure, but it sure looks awesome!  Unfortunately it is being horribly stunted by a pruned to death Douglas Fir that will have to come down.  Maybe I will be able to coax it into something resembling a real tree.  
We finally broke down and bought a lawn mower yesterday.  The weather is so lovely now, it makes all the rain worth it to get all these blooms and color!

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