Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farmers' Market and Camera Troubles

 Went extra early to the farmers' market today to take Oskar so that he could meet other people and dogs without being overwhelmed by the masses that show up later on in the morning.  I am having a little dinner party tonight and decided I needed flowers.  I bought one giant bunch and split it up and added in that gigantic rose from our garden.  Can you believe how big that thing is?  I also bought a flat of strawberries and some ground coffee from our favorite local roaster, Valhalla
 All three of these shots were taken with my camera phone because, alas, my nice SLR camera seems to be dying.  Something has been wrong with the shutter button for a while and I have been in avoidance of fixing it.  I know it will be expensive.  That's why, sadly, I have been missing out on posting so many wonderful things in the last month: no working camera. 
But it's all about to be all good because I just ordered a new Panasonic Lumix and it is supposed to arrive Monday and I will be a snap happy blogger once again!  Bonus: it is also about 1/3rd the size of my bulky Nikon and will fit nicely in my purse for taking more shots at restaurants and other outings.  (I hate being one of those obvious people dragging around a giant camera.  For some reason that really bugs me, especially in restaurants.)  And some day I might get around to taking the old Nikon to a repair shop to try and fix it as well to keep using it in studio shots.   Huzzah!

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