Thursday, February 6, 2014

Doodles in the Sketchbook

I've been drawing like crazy lately.  Maybe it's because I am still getting over my cold and finding myself in front of Netflix many evenings.  Or maybe because I am in the middle of redoing both my blog and artist website and suddenly, the need to draw over takes any need to organize photos, check and refine old links, redesign logos etc.

So I have been drawing. I really like my Octobot but maybe it needs color or maybe it needs to be printed onto a t-shirt?  Or maybe it's the redesign of my tattoo idea?  That's the great thing about sketchbooks: there is no absolutes, everything is in flux, and yet everything is exactly as it needs to be.  Judgement never bothers me in my sketchbook, because it is just a sketchbook!

This is my cat, Vincent, as I envision as a bounty hunter.  (Maybe I have been watching too much Star Trek.  Maybe I need to be watching more Star Trek.)
I really need to work on my website this afternoon, so I have a feeling I will have more drawings tomorrow!

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