Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sewing for Broke (And Corgis)

I was a crazed, sewing fool earlier this week...until my sewing machine broke.  I was immersed in a couple of sewing projects and was pretty mad when it happened.  It's an inexpensive Elna and while it's over 10 years old (they don't make 'em like they used to) I decided instead of repairing it to buy a new machine.  Maybe I will still have it repaired as a back up, but I thought it was time to get a little fancier machine that can handle more than just 8 stitches!

I looked first on Amazon but decided to shop around at some local shops.  First, I went to Hancock and second, I went to Quality Sewing and Vacuum.  I can say without any hesitation, get to Quality Sewing if you want to buy a machine!  At Hancock there were just a few machines on display, chained to the display, I might add, and no way to try them out.  At Quality Sewing, all the machines were on their own tables and you could try sewing on different types of fabric and the staff was very knowledgeable. The woman was incredibly helpful and sold me on a Brother "Project Runway Limited Edition" model.  It was normally $599 but dropped to $399 if you brought in a trade in.  I thought, oh, go ahead, do this.  And then she came back to tell me they were out of stock. (The original model I was looking at at Hancock's was out of stock too.) So that irritated me a bit.  (No, I did not want to wait a few days for the new model to come in.  I would think about it.)

Instead, I turned around, went home, and bought the Brother CS6000i from Amazon.  A model with a few less bells and whistles but on sale for only $139.  I paid $11 extra for next day air and was able to finish the dog coat today!  It sews fabulously on thicker material and is quiet and very sturdy.  Very pleased.

My sewing madness started with some fake fur.  We bought a new sofa last month and I wanted to make some fuzzy throw pillows.  Then I decided I also wanted to make a furry hat for myself and then it snowballed into making Oskar a little jacket with a fur collar for his 2nd birthday.  

I bought this cute little doggie coat pattern and decided to make the one in the large photo.  Only I didn't think he needed pockets on top.  Just the fur collar. 

The pattern said it included 4 sizes but once I had the pattern cut out I realized I needed to make the straps that come across the chest longer because Corgis are little tanks.  I also lengthened the coat.

I have enough left over of this tweed that I might make Oskar a little detective hat and maybe he can wear it out on Halloween!

Here's a little better view of the collar.  It looks a little bit too much like his fur in these photos.  The new sewing machine stitched over all the thick layers of fur and lining no problem!  

And here's the hat I made for myself.  I think I was a little inspired by all the Maleficent movie promos that have been coming out.  It took three trial patterns to get it where I wanted it to be. 
Sewing is fun!  Next I want to make some wool yardage and sew a cape!

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