Saturday, January 2, 2010

36 Things: Master the Application of Liquid Liner

Some of you may have noticed it has been a little while since I posted any news of my 36 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 37, but it is not because I have not been idly sitting by, letting my list go to waste. Some of the items take a little while to put together or figure out.

For example,

I have planted garlic and shallots but I can't consider that done until I have harvested them.

Trevor bought us dance lessons for my birthday (yes, way back in October) and we are going to start taking them this month.

I just had the highest bid in an online auction for a package of 5 Yoga classes, so I will be starting those as soon as I work up the gumption. That might take another month or two.

I have been working out my new business plan.

And I have been practicing my eyeliner application techniques to much success. I was never really big on wearing eyeliner in the past and I think that had something to do with my wearing contacts: whenever my eyes watered, my eyeliner would run all over the place or simply disappear. Well, two things happened that have changed all that.

One, I bought new contact lenses and rarely have any problems with them now.

Two, I discovered MAC's Fluidline Gel Liner:
I went to a MAC counter a few months ago and had a little chat and makeover with one of the makeup experts there and she was the one that showed me the Fluidline. It lasts forever and I find it very easy to control. If I mess up, I just wipe it off and start over. The makeup salesperson did recommend a wedge brush as the easiest way to apply it and I did spend $20 on said wedge brush but I have since discovered I do much, much better with a $2.99 tiny fine-tipped brush I bought at Fred Meyer's.

Then I bought some eye makeup remover pads and started watching YouTube videos for makeup application and had a lot of fun!

This is one of my favorite girls showing her makeup tips on YouTube. Her name is Camila and she is a rockabilly gal from Brazil. The best thing about her videos is that she puts them in fast forward and provides notes as it goes along.

Now, after a few months of steady eyeliner trial and errors, I feel like I can safely mark this down as completed! Here is my fancy, New Year's Eve eyeliner application.

Boy, we had a lot of fun on New Year's--hope you did too! I just want to show off my completed hat. I think the jewel pin made it work.


  1. I agree, the pin enhances the hat. Glad you had a bunch of fun!

  2. You're a braver woman than me. I can't imagine ever going near liquid eyeliner!