Friday, January 22, 2010

Wind Chimes and Pinwheels

I am going to be working in the art studio at the Museum of Glass for the next few months for their Art of Science program and have been working on some prototypes this week for potential projects. Groups of students will be taking part in the curriculum and will have a tour of the museum, get a chance to watch the work in the hot shop, and stop in the studio for some hands on artwork.

The theme is the Sound of Glass, but they talk a lot about waves--like sound waves and I thought waves like wind and the wind that you make when you blow on something were good avenues to explore.

I really enjoyed making the wind chimes out of the washers, but I have a feeling they might really like the pinwheels, cause let's face it, pinwheels are neat. But harder to get them to spin than you think! (Especially on a budget!)
A lot of pinwheel templates are all over the internet and I am still exploring the best way to make them. I'm about to go to a meeting where they'll pick the ones they like. I'll show you the final projects when I am done with them!


  1. Hi Jennevieve! So pleased to have found you. I so wish I were the least bit crafty with my hands. But for some reason, I start with ideas in my head and that's where they stay. I can't figure out how to actually make anything. Best I should stick with stringing words together.

    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects.

  2. Looks great Jennevieve. I have a bunch of lids from 15 oz cans if you want them for your projects. They have the safety edge so no one can cut their finger.