Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food Cart Envy

I drove down to Portland last weekend with a friend, just for a quick overnight jaunt. She was meeting up with her boyfriend who was riding in the Seattle to Portland bike ride, so she and I hung out Saturday and then I just caught the train home early Sunday afternoon. Amtrak is a delight to ride on: comfy seats-I just settled back to read my book and I was home in no time!

I know I have expressed my love of Portland numerous times here, but there is one more thing worth mentioning. (Besides the public transit, the eco-friendly living, the local food movement, the art scene, the beer and distilleries.)

The food carts.

Portland is sprinkled with food carts in little pods all over town. Everyone from around here always seem to worry about food safety, but these guys have to pass inspection just like the normal restaurants.

And it seems like Tacoma might finally be loosening its belt on the food cart debate. It has been coming along slowly, but surely, and even though they all seem to be taco trucks, at least it is a start.
And about 3/4 mile from our house is Los 3 Hermanos. It's been there well over a year, next to a scary looking E-Z Food Mart, which might be one of the reasons we have taken so long to finally go there. But it is cheap and pretty darn good. The meat can be hit or miss seasoning wise, but they have red sauce and green sauce you can add to them to bring out some more flavor.

I have heard that better taco trucks exist in Tacoma, but for $4.99 for 3 tacos plus rice and beans (that taste so good, I don't want to know how much lard is in them) and an easy 15 minute walk from our house, I say thumbs up and bring on more food carts!

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