Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harvesting Lavender

I guess I am a little late to the game and I should have been harvesting my lavender a few weeks ago. But the heat has come so late this year, I think I am ok.

One trick I have picked up is to always tie your lavender bunches with rubber bands before you hang them up to dry. This is because as the stems dry they will shrink a little and if you use string, the lavender will fall out all over the floor.

I have 4 types of lavender in my yard and only harvested 3 of them. I am not particularly fond of the big chunky lavender. Those were a mistake when I was ordering from the nursery. I like the ones with the small, delicate flowers. This is the first year I have had white lavender and it is really lovely.

Lavender is amazing. It is drought tolerant, loves sun, smells great, and provides amazing color in the garden. I am planning on tearing out some plants in the parking strip this fall and replacing them with more lavender.

My kitchen smells divine right now until I figure out where to hang the lavender. I will harvest more tomorrow!

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