Monday, September 20, 2010

Dead Plants Equals Ugly Yard

Once upon a time a girl picked out two beautiful blue planters and filled them with fescue and thyme and admired her handywork. Then the girl became lazy and let the plants grow too large for their pots and forgot to fertilize and then the neighbor cats also sprayed on them (which didn't help matters) and the plants died. And she left them sitting in front of the house all summer long looking dismal and, frankly, ugly.

Oh, my, that's about me of course. I have looked forlornly upon these planters the last few months, not sure what I wanted to do with them. But then a friend of mine borrowed an outside umbrella and large brass pot to use as a display for a day and brought me back these lovely pink grasses as a thank you.

And I knew immediately what to do.

So I ran down to Gardensphere to get some organic potting soil. I have learned not to skimp on the potting soil, especially if you are from the lazy or over-burdened school of gardening. The better the soil, the long your plants will be healthy and happy. I also picked up a couple of ground cover type plants to contrast with the grasses.
I had to take nearly all of the old soil out since the fescues were so root-bound. I also split the ground covers up into thirds so that they will spread out and fill up the pots faster.
Ah, that's looking much better.

And that pink matches our front door so well. Now I just need to take some boiling water to the weeds in the stairs, and pull out those blackberries that keep trying to grow by the hose, and weed all those dandelions and well, I think I am going to be pretty busy in the garden next month. Once you make one area look nice, you want to make the rest look nice!

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