Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Felted Sea Monster

I've always been drawn to needle felted items and for some reason thought that it would not be in my skill set or that I needed fancy equipment or something. Then I saw a whole bunch of needle felted items when I was up at ArtFest back in the Spring and was told it was super easy to get started. But I promptly put that idea up on my shelf of future projects and forgot about it.
Then, I was up in Seattle a month or two ago at an event where I met Moxie, a felting artist and the brain behind HiFiber Kits. She sells brightly colored wool and needles and foam for felting. I broke down and finally bought some material and am delighted to report that it is, in fact, easy and addictive and you only need a felting needle and some foam and some wool!
She even sells little kits that can get you started right away. (She lets you pick out your own colors for the kit too, which is nice.) I bought the Octopus Friend kit along with some extra colors.
The only thing challenging is that that you have to have patience because it takes a while--This little Sea Monster took me 5 hours! OK, I might have been able to finish it faster, but I was creating it while I watched movies. One of those movies, Young Victoria, had my eyes glued to the screen more often than not so I might have gotten it done faster if I completely focused.
I had a lot of fun making his little tentacles. I started with his head/body and then the arms separately and then attached them. I meant to take photos in progress, but I was so wrapped up in making it, I forgot!
I think this would be a great technique to make party favors or place settings. I can't wait to get started on another project! I want to make something wearable out of felt, too. A hat or a purse, we'll see where this takes me. I might want to try combining it with some reclaimed tin. The possibilities are endless!

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