Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am a Mess

I am a mess when it comes to keeping my loose recipes in order. I collect recipes from all over the place: online, from friends, ripped out of magazines, and from our organic food delivery. And whenever I want to cook something from the pile, I have to go through the entire stack to find it.

I don't like 3x5 cards and I am afraid I will get my laptop too messy if I have it in the kitchen. I think my best solution is when we all have computers like in Star Trek and I can just talk out loud to the computer what I want and it will project onto a screen hanging from the upper cabinets.
But in lieu of waiting for my Star Trek fantasy to come true, I couldn't stand leafing through the big ugly mess anymore and realized I needed to do something ASAP. So I promptly bought a 3-ring binder and some dividers and plastic page protectors and then left the whole mess on the kitchen table for the last 3 weeks.
Today I sat down and actually went through all of the sheets, tossing out more than half of them from the pile and dividing the rest into nice sections like SOUPS, CHICKEN, and VEGGIE SIDES. I am embarrassed to say it only took about an hour and now my cookbook shelf will look a lot tidier.

DESSERTS and BEEF were the largest sections. Does that say something about me as a person?
Will it last? Who knows? But I am going to try and give it my best effort to keep it organized.


  1. I tried writing the recipes on 3x5 cards, and it's just way too much hassle. I have a manila folder packed with recipes, and that's a pain. I'm going to get myself a binder too!

  2. I really think this might do the trick! Simple, but sweet!