Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magazine Snowflakes

Remember making paper snowflakes as a kid?

I want the house to look crazy holiday decorated for our Ugly Sweater party next week but I am trying to come up with affordable and crafty ways to decorate.

I am planning on making some paper garlands and while I was scooting around online today I stumbled across this pattern for a 5-pointed snowflake by Jessica Jones Design. Different and tres chic!

Since I am on a major cleaning spree in the house I have a ton of magazine stacked up to be sorted into keepers and tossers. The tossers I am making into snowflakes. How and where I will hang them in the house I am not sure, but I figure I will sit down and watch a movie later and make 100 or so of these babies.


  1. 100!!!! I made two the other day and my had started to cramp, hehe. It would be extremely pretty, so I hope you can do it!

  2. When the kids were younger, Lisa and I would make dozens of paper snowflakes, and then hang them from the dining room ceiling with ribbon and thumbtacks. Thanks for your post -- brings back some happy memories!