Monday, December 6, 2010

New Piano Equals Happy Husband

Yesterday, it took 5 of us to move Trevor's old "little" piano out of the house and onto a truck. Today, it took 2 guys with very little effort to move in his newer and larger piano. I just love the photo of the smug little girl on the back of the van.
This is what happens when you have the proper tools (strap, dolly, movable ramp) for the job.

Also, these guys had it pretty easy because they basically just had to get it into our front door. No hallways or stairs to deal with. They told me they move at least 25 pianos per week with the busiest times being August (before school starts) and December (Christmas).

It's a good foot taller than the other one and very, very shiny. It shows fingerprints really easily. Also, it is so nice and shiny that we don't want to put a lot of stuff on top of it which means we need to get another table for all our change, hats and glove box, mail, etc. This was something I hadn't really expected. We used the old piano quite a bit as a handy shelf.

I must say, Trevor seems down right giddy about his new piano. I honestly can't tell a ton of difference between the too, but I am a known block head when it comes to musical instruments. It does seem a little less tinny, not sure how else to explain it.

Whatever, a happy husband is something I like to have around the house!


  1. Wow! Look at the shine on that piano! Congrats Trevor, you have a very nice wife!

  2. Here's a clue
    Less tinny = fuller sounding, more resonant

    I assure you that your husband will prefer that description

  3. Haha, he doesn't care what I say about it since he is the one that gets to play it! And he does seem awfully happy about it!