Sunday, January 23, 2011

Necklace for a Night Out

I have been trying to make myself a "statement" necklace for some time. But every time I finish one, I think "meh-that isn't much of a statement!" I made this one yesterday to wear to our wine tasting last night.

The glare in this self portrait is brutal; sorry!

I like the weight and feel of it but it still seems like a daytime, all-the-time sort of necklace for me. I know for others this could feel this is a larger piece, but I need to keep working away on this idea of a statement necklace. I think it is because it is so flat is why I am thinking it is not a big piece.
We are going to the Seattle Opera's Barber of Seville this Friday. Hopefully I will have time to attempt another go at a statement necklace. (and get a cute dress and my haircut!)


  1. I thought your necklace was beautiful.

  2. N.I.C.E!
    Did you cross number 32 off your list? ;-)

  3. Thanks! And no, I didn't cross it off yet. I am making another one that I think is going to be my "statement" piece. Photos soon!