Monday, January 31, 2011

37 Things:Make a Statement Necklace for Myself

You'd think this would be one of the easier things on my list of 37 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 38, but it has been a challenge. When you are surrounded by piles of raw materials and you can make anything for yourself, where do you start? First thing I decided was that I wanted to make a long, dangly type of necklace. Most of the necklaces I wear are shorter, choker type pieces.

Next, I started making these delicate little flowers from a lovely Almond Roca tin that my friend Barbara gave me. (The tin was empty when I received it, unfortunately.) Some of them I shaped with my new dap and die set. Others I kept flat to create a base.

I have been hoarding these pink glass vintage beads for years and was very happy to combine them with some rough Indian Silver caps.
I wore this to the opera over my new black dress and was pretty happy with the result. Now I have a mind to take it all apart and reassemble it because I am goofy like that. But for now, I like to look at the overwhelming pink-ness of it all. It's very girly.