Tuesday, October 12, 2010

37 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 38

NOTE: This year has gone by and I am working on yet another list

Well, another birthday has gone by and I woke up this morning and discovered I was 37 now and needed a new yearly list.

I discovered two major flaws with my last list. First, many of the items required large amounts of money--classes and trips don't come cheap! Second, I picked some things that I really didn't have much interest in doing. I thought I might have interest in doing them (build a birdhouse, take a yoga class) and it turns out, gee, I really don't have an interest in them!

My new list has a few old things still on it: A few are in progress (designing a tattoo, planning a trip overseas, finishing novel) but are not quite there yet. And throw a dinner party for 20 was so fun, I want to do it again! And running the half marathon is still there because I am still healing my injured ankle!

Remember, I got this idea from Michelle My Belle and she got the idea from Hula Seventy.
And here I go!

37 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 38

1. Get off of the continent.
2. Get another tattoo. (On hold since we are buying a new house and need to save money.)
3.Walk/Jog a half-marathon.
4. See the Picasso exhibit at SAM.
5. Bake a 3-layered cake.
6. Commission a piece of art.
7. Create/install a piece of guerilla art. (Idea in the works.)
8. Make a stop-motion animated short. (Still working on this.)
9. Etch metal.
10. Take a glass blowing class.
11. Tour a chocolate or candy factory.
12. Write a Nano novel in November OR finish my other novel OR both!
13. Make a large felted sculpture.  (I don't know why I didn't count my big felted Bonsai tree on this one; maybe I was thinking I would do something bigger?  Ha!)
14.Make a piece of wearable art that has felting on it.
15. Donate a piece of art to an auction. (I forgot I actually already did this for the Emergency Food Network Auction at the end of last year!)
16. Visit Vashon Island.
17. Dinner Party for 20.
18.Host a themed brunch (or party).
19. Redo the front yard.
20. Make crepes.
21. Read my entire NIKON manual. (Unable to as it turned out it was in Spanish!)
22. Finish quilt.
23. Cast in resin.
24. Redecorate bedroom. (Saving it for the new house!)
25. Make concrete stepping stones.
26. Road trip.
27. Find 6 new stores to sell jewelry/sculpture in.
28. Make pasta (ravioli preferred) from scratch.
29. Take ballroom dancing lessons.
30. Throw a fundraiser.
31. Plant rhubarb and kale and swiss chard.
32. Make a statement necklace for myself.
33. Donate blood.
34. Sew a skirt/dress.
35. Blog 175 times.
36. Volunteer 24 times at the Grand Cinema and see 24 movies. (I saw 23 movies and volunteered 32 times.  Posting on this soon.)
37. Make gnocchi.


  1. Happy Birthday Jennevieve! Great lists and fabulous crown...

    If you need an accomplice for #11 or #16, I'm in. (I would like to retire on Vashon--spent gobs of time there. Could also retire at Theo Chocolate Factory...have spent some time there as well ;)

    I would also like to collaborate on a trunk show (#27) at my shop if you're interested.

    #29's a hoot. Took them with my mom in the 80's at the old Elks (soon to be McMennamins)

    #32 I finally made out of old sentimental bits. It is by far the thing I get the most comments on.

    #33 makes me feel good. It's one little thing I can do without much time or effort. Could also save someones life. Plus, they are just so nice at the Blood Bank.

    My birthday is 11/7...I am going to go work on my list now. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Have an audacious, ill-advised flirtation with someone much younger?

    Just thinking outside the box here.

  3. Happy birthday, Jennevieve! I´ve linked your new list too. There are some really great ones here. I want to make a statment-necklace too! ;-) Just out of curiousity... reading your comment above here... do you have a secret admirer? ;-)

  4. happy birthday first of all!
    and second, your list is AWESOME!
    i think i could almost just copy the whole thing for my own. we're kindred spirits i think... except, i'm a Canon girl. ha!

  5. haha! Not sure about the secret admirer! This is my "public" list. My "private" list might be another story!