Tuesday, August 16, 2011

37 Things: Blog 175 Times

Hard to believe I have hit 175 blog postings in 10 months.  It seemed like a daunting amount of posts at the time.  Next year I will need to set my goal a little higher! 

My backyard is looking luscious right now.  The mint shrub is in full bloom and the bees are as excited as my neighbors at an all you can eat buffet.  My veggie garden is on full throttle mode as well.  The zucchini and leeks are pretty boisterous.  And my tomato plants are spilling out of their little cages all over the place.  They never make it into the kitchen.  I stand in the shade and pop the sweet cherry tomatoes right into my mouth. 
I moved my Adirondack chairs out of the way for our big dinner party and I am liking them in this spot in the shade.  Perfect reading spot.

I still have many items to complete on my list of 37 Things To Do Before I Turn 38 but I am in progress on a few of them and I am satisfied that the most important ones have been completed.  (Get off the continent, run/walk a half marathon, donate blood, throw a fundraiser.)  Two months to go before I start my next list! 

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