Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making a Shrinky Dink Statement Necklace Part 2

 To learn how to use Shrinky Dinks, read my Making a Shrinky Dink Statement Necklace Part 1.

Once I had all of my Shrinky Dink components colored, cut out, hole punched, and baked, it was time to put the whole thing together.  I made 35 little discs and used 26 of them for the necklace.  I started by making the individual dangles first.  I use stainless steel wire because I don't care about sterling on costume jewelry. 

I used several different beads in when connecting the dangles to the chain.

I played with the placement of the sizes and the colors.  I have been making a lot of asymmetrical necklaces lately but I knew I wanted this piece to be symmetrical since the components were so busy.  It took about 4 hours to make the shrinky dinks (OK, I was watching a movie while I was making them so I am not sure how productive I actually was during a couple of those hours.)  And it took me under an hour to put it all together.

I love how light weight the piece is and how it gently jingles when I wear it. 
Next I am thinking of making napkin rings or place card charms with my left over shrink film.  I also thought too late how awesome these would be as earrings.  That will be on my to-do list as well!