Monday, August 1, 2011

Fabric Flower Necklace Experiment.

 I collect fabric.  LOTS of fabric.  I have gotten better in the last few years, but I used to buy fabric all the time.  I did actually sew with it occasionally but mostly it is stacked in boxes and folded on shelves.  I am working on a quilt but that has come to a complete halt since I realized too late I was going to make things very difficult for myself with the way I was piecing everything.

Back to that fabric.  I love to look at it and think about all of the things I could make with it and now I have finally come up with an idea: fabric flowers.  OK, I know, fabric flowers are like so Anthropologie 2008.  But I missed the boat on the fabric flowers and am just starting to make them now.
 They are fun to make.  I sew mine.  I have seen a lot of tutorials that use a lot of glue but I tend to be an anti-glue person.  Not sure why because it would probably save me a lot of time.  I made about 6 really ugly flowers before these two looked pretty good.  I think it may need another chain on the bottom but I am going to wear it a bit before I take it all apart and re-do it. 
I still can't tell if it is the ugliest thing I have ever made or if I really love it.  I think the red coral may be too clunky and instead needs two strands of smoother beads.  Forgive the bad lighting; I just ran outside in the shade to take the photos at the end of the day.

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