Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello, October.

Many people assume October is my favorite month because my birthday is this month. But that is only part of the story.

October is fabulous, because, well, it means crisp and slightly cool, yet sunny days. These are the best day for working out in the yard. The veggie beds need to be cleared out and it is time to think about what I am going to plant next. We are also about to rip out some of our front planting strip to redo because I am unhappy with some of the invasive plants taking over.

We had a HUGE volunteer squash plant this year and I let it do its thing and ended up with this big pumpkin. All the other blossoms were eaten by unknown critters, but this one thrived. I am planning on turning it into a Jack'o'lantern much like my little felted one.
Halloween is my second favorite holiday (close behind Thanksgiving) and I am volunteering at the local arts cinema that day so I am planning on dressing up. Not sure yet what I'll be wearing, but 20 bucks says it will have something felted on it!

The kitties like October too. At least I am assuming they must since they whine and scratch to be let out so they can spend all day just lounging on the deck or half-heartedly attacking the birds at the feeder.
This is also the season when people start to do more inside activities which translates into more dinner parties and more going out to the symphony or a play or to wine tastings. And if I am not out socializing, I will be found with a kitty on my lap and a glass of wine in one hand and my Kindle in the other!

Good times ahead!

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