Monday, October 11, 2010

I Think a Fairy is in My Backyard.

I was out in the backyard this morning, dragging some cardboard to cover weeds around my blueberry shrub when I noticed a big clump of mushrooms. I looked closer and realized I had a fairy ring on my hands. I have heard of these quite a bit, but never seen one in person.

A fairy ring is a ring of mushrooms. The largest one on record is 600 meters across and there are some that are over 700 years old.

I think ours has something to do with the eco lawn that I have growing and the fact that I rarely cut it because it doesn't go to seed or get 3 feet tall. Back to the fairy circle, ours is only about 4 feet across. It is hard to see it in these photos since the grass is so long but they are in a pretty perfect circle.

It is supposed to mean that elves or fairies are living in your backyard!

Here's a picture of someone else's fairy circle that was much larger and easier to see.
Weird, huh? I like it!

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