Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It took about 2 hours to braid them into my hair. I learned the hard way that I should have been using smaller amounts of hair because we (my husband and I) ran out of hair before we ran out of dreads. So I tied the 25 or so that were left over into hair ties and looped them on as a pony tail in the back.

Other than the hair, my costume was fairly mild so a lot of people looked at me and wondered if that was my normal hair and if I was dressed up at all!
I might wear them again, but just as pony tails for an evening. I slept in them last night so I could wear them to the Grand Cinema where I was volunteering today. However, I slept horribly in them and they gave me a headache.

I rushed home from volunteering and removed them. My hair is all kinky and wavy now. Since my hair is normal stick straight, I will enjoy this for the rest of the evening. I do not understand how people can stand to have long hair, let alone dread-locked hair!

Notice how dark my henna octopus has gotten; I absolutely love it!
Happy Halloween! I am sad that my favorite month is over!


  1. TWO HOURS!! Couldn't do it. Dreads looked cool, but I think your hair looks really cute with all the kinks. Your henna octopus looks really good -- curious to see how long it keeps.

  2. People that saw the kinky hair thought it was cute too and even thought it was a wig because it is so different than my normal, flat hair. I am thinking of trying little rollers and see if I can get a similar look. I swear,too, that the octopus is even darker today.