Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art Studio Re-Do Part 1

Here's how my studio looks right now.  After we moved in my dad put a really nice epoxy coating on the floor as a house warming gift.  Step 1.   It took a while because I had to move everything to one side of the room and then he did the coating and then after 3 days I was able to move everything to the other side and then he applied the rest of the coating.  It looks sharp: shiny gray with white and black speckled texture across the top. 

Step 2. Finally, last week we had this gas heater installed.  I had a few different contractors give me bids and they all wanted to do something completely different and this ended up the most affordable as well as handy that it is up out of the way.  Only the installers screwed up the wiring and had to come back and fix it and they also forgot to seal the venting so they are coming back today (only after I called them to bug them) to fix that.   I swear everyone is out to short change you in the construction business.
I was about to start painting today and went out and under the heater was a big puddle of water.  At first I thought maybe the heater was leaking or had condensation problems?  But now we realize it is actually seems to be seeping in from the wall.

Ruh-roh.  If that is because the roof is leaking into the walls and into the garage I will have a really really big heart attack because we just can't deal with that right now and the rainy season lasts until May around here!   I may just go in there and start painting anyways.  It's got to be done at some point. 

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