Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012: Prehistoric

 I am about half way finished with my contribution to Sketchbook Project 2012.  The Sketchbook Project is a fun collaborative project put on by the Art House Co-op.  Artists from all over the world create a sketchbook (they provide it--it costs $ to participate) based on a theme you choose from a wide selection.  Then, all the sketchbooks are mailed in and then they go on tour around the country.  The remain in the Art House Co-op collection after the tour.

I tried to do this last year and promptly lost the sketchbook.  (I found it when we were moving but it was 10 months too late.)  So this year I kept careful track of where my sketchbook is and it looks like I might actually finish it on time!  The theme I chose is Prehistoric.

Prehistoric seemed a pretty obvious choice for me since I have been obsessed with dinosaurs since I was a wee one.

Now, sketchbook art is not really my thing.  I love to draw but I don't consider myself a book artist so this has been a bit of challenge for me.  When I think of sketchbook I think of scribbles and notes and half finished drawings, not completed mini works of art.  I see some artists that like to share their sketchbooks on their blogs.  That is not me at all. 

I decided to keep it simple and limit my supplies to watercolors and pens and draw whatever suited my fancy.   I think this is one of the more successful pages.  The complimentary colors of orange and blue make this page really pop. 

And so far I have been having fun.

I think some of the pages look a little plain; I might go back and add more to them. 

Woolly Mammoth. 

I have been applying watercolor on the pages and letting them dry before drawing on them.

More Mammoth. 

Ancient Ginko.  We had a Ginko tree at our old house.  I miss it.  I am going to have to plant another one here too. 

I love bones.  I own 3 cow skulls and I created a little bronze casting of a T-Rex skull when I studied jewelry design. 
OK, back to work to finish my sketchbook!  My heater is being installed in my new studio today.  Yay!  I might actually have a functional studio in a week or two.  My husband would certainly be happy.  Once the heater is installed I need to paint and then my dad is helping me build a work bench and then I have to put in shelving and unpack and organize everything.  But this sort of work is fun!

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