Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kindle Touch is Just What I Needed

Usually I own the oldest and most falling apart of technological devices.  I don't upgrade because I have to have the latest model.  I upgrade only when my IPOD/computer/cell phone is on its last gasp.  Or I wait too late and it dies.  Well, the first generation Kindle a friend passed onto me when he upgraded is finally dying.  It doesn't keep a charge very long and sometimes  you have to toggle the on/off button many times for it to wake up.  We are going on a cruise next month and I realized if I didn't take evasive action, I may have to drag along 20 paperbacks in my luggage.

So I ordered the Touch this week.  And as my husband just pointed out last night, I now have both the newest computer and the newest Kindle in the household.  Which is a first in like the 14 years we have been together.

I decided on the Touch instead of the Fire because I just want a device for books.  We have so many gadgets in this house to get us online, play us music, watch movies on, sing us to sleep, that I want to keep my books separate.  I don't want to even have the tiniest urge to make check something online while I am reading.  YECH!  I want to read, read, read.  OK, done with rant. 

What I like:
-It's smaller than ever but the screen isn't smaller, it's just that there is no keyboard.  Which is great, because I rarely browse and purchase from the Kindle itself.  I usually just do that on my computer.

-I can either tap it or swipe it with my finger to turn the page.  (I also dislike this about it too, more in a sec.)  Page turning time is nearly instantaneous compared to older models.

-Long charge time.  Amazon claims it can stay charged for up 2 months.  I doubt that but it will still be better than the old one.

-Super easy to read, search for content, bookmark, etc.

-Cheaper model has ads on it but they are only on screensaver or at bottom of menu.  They don't pop up when you are reading, so who cares? 

-Can hold up to 3000 books. Hey, that's a lot of books.  I like to reread my favorite books, so it is nice to keep everything handy.  I only have 35 books on it so far, but plan on getting at least 12 more before going on vacation next month.

-I also bought the inexpensive Marware Atlas cover because I couldn't decide what to choose and it works great and holds the Kindle nice and snug.
What I Dislike:
--I can either tap it or swipe it with my finger to turn the page.  Now in general, this is just fine.  But I am still getting used to it and if you hold your finger down too long, it can skip ahead dozens if not 100's of pages.  Also my hair touched it as I was reading in bed and it was sensitive enough to turn the page.  I also feel like my fingers get in the way of reading and it was easier to press a button on the side.  I am sure I will get used to this over time but for now it is annoying me.
Other than that, no complaints!  It was super easy to transfer my library of books from my old to my new Kindle and the current book I am reading opened right to the last page I was reading, nice!

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  1. Bravo! I heart my kindle ( and my dog head ). My charge does last a super long time, though I'm not reading for days at a time, either.