Monday, February 20, 2012

Working in the Studio

I have been pretty busy in the studio with my homework for my Certificate of Fiber Arts class.  It's nice to have a messy, heated space that I can work in and not worry about the mess. One item that has completely changed my life in the studio (not an exaggeration) was the acquisition of a rubber apron.  Normally when I wet felt, I make a huge mess even when I try not to and the whole front of my clothes become soaking wet and I always have to change clothes after working.  I bookmarked this apron on Amazon and finally broke down and bought it and now I am slightly irritated that I didn't buy it sooner!

I've got my wet felting station all set up.  It is away from the line of the blowing heater.  Note the PVC piping I use to prop up the legs.  I can stand at the table and my back doesn't hurt.  I also stand on the rubber mat. 

Poor color in this photo, sorry, but I wanted to show off the expandable clothes line that my friend Patrick installed for me.  I just dyed these yellow green silk scarves.  They are right in line with the heater in the upper right corner of the picture.  I can also hang the soaking wet towels up too and they dry out over night.  
Still a few more things to work out like a painting area and a dedicated area for taking photos, but it is really taking shape in here!

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