Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Bird Visitor Keeps the Pets Entertained

 This morning I was drinking coffee, checking my email and suddenly there was such a ruckus from the cat and the dog over by the window.  I ignored it for a bit but then Vincent's yowling drew me to the window to take a look.  A Flicker!!  A Northern Flicker, to be more specific. 

I wish my photos were of better quality, but I had to grab my phone and use that as I was worried the bird might fly away.

Although I didn't really need to worry because he hung around all morning.  The windows are double paned and tinted so the little guy couldn't see the chaos he was causing inside the house. 

Such a beauty, this common bird!   I've seen them all over the place but never realized the awesome polka dots decorating the chest.  Now I am feeling inclined to make a needle felted sculpture of this bird.  And I am going to name the sculpture "Scooter".

The metal flange on the window was a great place for him to hang out and a great place for Vinny to bird watch.

Oskar was pretty intrigued as well.  

We opened the back door and the bird scooted over to the glass door of our bedroom.  Last I checked, he was still sitting there.   He doesn't seem too interested in pecking on our house for the moment.  I will keep my eye out. 
Now I am thinking I need to get a suet feeder so I can watch these guys close up more often! 

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  1. I wonder if Scooter could see himself in the glass? Pretty bird. You def should do a sculpture of Scooter. The spots are adorable.