Thursday, March 13, 2014

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello all. I’m feeling a bit like a debutante arriving to her coming out party. I’ve spent entirely too long debating on what my first blog post should be about and the result is I’m freaking myself out. So, like any self respecting adult, I Googled it. Apparently it’s a bit like any other social interaction in the world. I should tell you my name and a little bit about myself. Duh.

Hello, my name is Kimberly. Like Jennevieve, I live in Tacoma (T-Town, the 253, “Near Seattle”). I’m a corporate trainer during the day and a busy girl the rest of the time. People often ask me what a corporate trainer does. Mostly it means I’m tasked with the learning environment of my office. I’m lucky in that I like to learn new things and then show other people that new thing. Also I tend to bore easily so variety in my work life suits me perfectly. 

I’m married to a lovely man (Terry) and have two kitty cats (Mouse & Lulu) who I'll introduce to you later. Shockingly enough, they're asleep right now.

 I race dragon boats.

I like to laugh. I believe in the Oxford comma but my grammar is atrocious. I swear like a sailor. I love a good cocktail, a good book, and I am happiest while working on artsy things. My primary artsy things include jewelry, stitching, and drawing but I’ve been known to dabble in sculpture and mosaics occasionally. Although, I should point out that my idea of dabble and Jennevieve’s idea are two entirely different planets!

I’m not nearly as skilled in the domestic arts as my fellows but I look forward to sharing my sense of every day adventure in the town I love as well as showing you new things as I learn them.

Look, here we are! Apparently I love that hat.

So, that's me. Hard parts over so we can stop staring at each other awkwardly across the room. 

Jennevieve says I can’t swear though.

(Jennevieve's note: I don't remember saying that, but maybe it's for the best.)

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