Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Decorations

I am taking a quick break from cooking, cleaning, and decorating the house for our wine tasting group's party tonight. I have been having a little too much fun making decorations and could possibly run out of time to put them all up.

I am trying to decorate on the cheap this year, only with tissue paper, string, and wire. I've made tissue paper flowers and also covered a styrofoam ball with the flowers.

I've also cut strips of cardstock and then stapled them together to make these teardrop shapes. Then I made a simple metal armature/mobile like thing to hang them all from.

I made about 4 times the amount you see here. Not sure if I will get to using them all for this party, but I like the retro look about them.

Oops! Less than 2 hours and the guests will be here! I gotta go!


  1. The party was fun, and your place looked fabulous! I particularly liked your teardrop mobile. I think you should sell them on Etsy.

  2. I love your teardrops - I think they're totally original and in December, that's saying a lot! Have a wonderful party.