Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Wreath

UPDATE: Be sure to check out my newest holiday wreath and tutorial: How to Make a Coffee Filter Wreath!

I am not someone overly fond of tacky, commercialized holiday decorations. But I do love things like strings of lights, paper streamers, and wreaths.

I have been thinking about ways to use corks since I made little place card holders for Thanksgiving with corks and wire. We have a lot of corks in our house. Wine is our alcohol of choice, we host a lot of wine tasting parties, and a lot of our friends give us their corks. So we have a lot.

We are hosting another wine tasting party this weekend, so I put two and two together and came up with a wreath of corks!

I started with some 16 gauge wire and made a big circle and wrapped extra wire around it to provide stability as well as places to tie more wire onto. If I made another one, I would probably wrap even more wire as the weight of the corks can warp the shape of the circle.

I used 24 gauge wire to wrap around the corks and made little strands of 3 or 4 corks. I discovered you have to double wrap each cork or they can easily fall out of the loops.

I found it was easier to stay on task by having the new Star Trek playing in the background to distract me. That Zachary Quinto is a cutie.
After wrapping and wrapping and wrapping for a couple of hours, I deemed it complete! I could have probably finished it sooner, but I kept looking up to watch those pesky Romulans and stunned Vulcans.

I think it would be easy to just keep adding. But you have to make it to scale with your door.

I am also working on a wreath made out of buttons and beads. That one has a lot more work to go. Maybe I will finish it by New Year's.