Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Beautiful House in Tucson

Maybe what I mean, is that while the house is beautiful, it's really the colors and decor inside that make it for me.

View from the backyard of my in-laws house:

They live up in the Catalina Foothills to the North of Tucson. The houses in the neighborhood are all lovely, lots of modern styles mixed in with the adobe ranch houses you would expect in Arizona. I especially liked this yellow one across the street. It is hard to see it, but their awning is purple.

In the side yard is this abandoned and broken fountain that they took out when they remodeled the house. I like it; it looks a little like an old relic. (Albeit, a somewhat tacky old relic.)

Inside is where this house is really interesting. A lucky cat greets you at the front door.

We have been looking at a very similar purple as this one to paint our bedroom.

I love how open the kitchen is, especially with all the artwork up on the shelves.

A gorgeous bowl next to the fireplace. I wish I had gotten a good picture of the fireplace. It joins both the front room and the back sitting room. The dog, Bette sits in the sitting room side and looks through the fireplace, through the front window to the outside.

Trevor's mom, Cyn, is a jewelry collector and regular expert know-it-all when it comes to ethnic jewelry, earrings especially.

There are many pieces of her gorgeous collection on display throughout the house.

I love those big earrings in the box with the turquoise background--I can't even imagine how heavy it would be to put those in your ears!

These are just hanging in her office.

And these were unceremoniously stuck up on a bulletin board. The silver one is actually a small container and the tasseled head is over 80 years old.

This little stack of doggies sit on the living room side of the fire place.

This mermaid and headdress sit on the other side of the fireplace. That color orange is probably my favorite color (next to lime green).

These sculptures are each about 3 feet high. Lots of fun.

I didn't even get all of the photos I wanted, but it is a very inspiring house to be in. I like to visit creative people in their homes.

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